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Feeling a Bit Rough

December 30, 2006

Over the past few days Hannah has been feeling a bit under the weather. She has caught the cold that is going around and is very bunged up and coughing a lot (which is not good for her singing voice). This has also brought on a fresh bout of nausea, I think as bad as it has been during the pregnancy. Whether this is just being triggered by the illness, or some changes in the pregnancy, we don’t know. Nonetheless, it is not a good time of year to be unwell, when Hannah should be relaxing and enjoying herself.


Family visit

December 26, 2006

We’ve been spending the last couple of days with Hannah’s family. They are all very excited about the baby which is great. The baby will be Hannah’s Mum’s first grandchild, and the first niece/nephew (or niephew as Miriam, Hannah’s little sister calls it) for Hannah’s sisters. This heightens the experience for them. It’s kind of weird that they seem more excited than I. I put it down to the fact that Hannah experiences all the symptoms and knows how real it all is, and I don’t have that until the baby is born, but Hannah’s family experience them even less. Maybe some of my potential excitment is cancelled out by fear and feelings of impending responsibility that are rather less for them.

As remarked several times, this time next year there will be a little wain (as we call them in Scotland) around making a tremendous difference to the Christmas celebrations. We did get our first presents for baby, though this isn’t a competition as there isn’t a rush. In fact, I don’t know where we are going to put those that we do get between now and the birth! Of course, we are very thankful for all the presents we get, and for the feelings of love and support they bring with them. Yuck, that’s as sensitive as I’m going to get, must be the Christmas spirit (and I don’t mean alcohol, cynics!).


December 23, 2006

Thanks to Brandy for posting my first comment. It was good to hear from you, and I hope you have a great time visiting Britain over the festive season. Everyone else who visits please feel free to comment, or even given advice (maybe on blogging or babying ).

Family Visits

December 23, 2006

We have spent a couple of days in London with my brother and his family. My younger brother had the honour of providing the first grandchild, and she is now just past 2. It was great to see him and his family. What was especially good this time is that they are also expecting, early in February, so his wife is quite heavily pregnant. It was good to see the two sisters-in-law together, both expecting. I suppose it is good for a family to be expanding. With my neice, one feels slightly in practice for one’s own future child, but of course, every child is different, so spending time with one kid is no practice for another. Still, can’t feel help feeling I was being sized up for my usefulness as a father.


December 19, 2006

Today I told some of my friends that Hannah is pregnant. They were congratulatory. My circle of friends haven’t really done much child production yet, with only one couple expecting, so it is all as new to them as it is to me. It is nice to get their smiles, but I suppose unless you are already a father, you really don’t know what you are congratulating an expectant parent for. Will any of them do any babysitting though?

Most of the people I have told who have children give the usual congratulations and are genuinely happy for us, which is great. Some have said it is a good thing in terms of giving a focal point in life other than work. One thing everyone who has had children asks is whether or not Hannah has had morning sickness! Those that haven’t had babies don’t ask that question.


December 18, 2006

I have added an album to share for friends that contains our first scan. Let me know if you want access, I think I can do that separately through Yahoo Albums, rather than you having to create a Yahoo id to become a friend (though you should do that to make me look more popular).

Christine is my first friend, thanks.

If I try and add myself as a friend, then I get an error message saying I cannot befriend myself. That is hardly a message for someone lacking self-confidence! Yahoo should use more gentle words.

Hannah tells me that I am not being positive enough. Sorry if the initial updates seemed that way. Hannah being pregnant is a truely great thing, though one that can be a little difficult for a potential dad to connect with. I am very happy that we have a child on the way, and it will be a wonderous thing. There are many things that I do not understand (emotionally or intellectually) at this stage that will happen in the coming months. Maybe I’ll be able to communicate those events and feelings here.

It is worth mentioning that Hannah is currently craving cheese, with Babybel being the favoured target (especially those people we will be visiting over Christmas).

Story so far

December 17, 2006

We’re at just gone 11 weeks. For those in the know that is nearly at the end of the first trimester. So far, when asked, Hannah would say she hasn’t been feeling too bad. She has had a little morning sickness, but more often just a feeling of nausea and not wanting to eat. There is a bump beginning to show, though Hannah noticed it a long time ago. She is enjoying buying stuff from eBay, both for herself (maternity clothes) and the baby (play things).
On Friday we went for the first scan. This was meant to be followed by a visit to the consultant obstetrician, but the baby is still too young to take the measurements for Down’s so we have to return at the start of January for another scan.
I may scan the scan and put it in the blog. We got this one for free, though the midwife, when she did her home visit, said that a copy of the scan would cost. Maybe it doesn’t count because the baby was too young, who knows. There isn’t much to see in it really, you had to be there to see anything that made sense. The most important thing was to see the little heart beating, which was a big moment for both of us. The checks done on the baby at this visit were limited to measuring the size (38.8mm), checking that the heart was beating (it was and looked good on the monitor), checking the development of the head and limbs (all present and correct).

Hannah tried to get a sneaky video of the scan by asking if we could use the camcorder, but was rebuffed. It would have made it far more understandable for other people to have moving images.


December 17, 2006

It sounds rude, but this is a list of blogs down on the left hand bottom corner. There is only one blog that I read, which is by one of my friends, and sadly ex-colleague, who has emigrated to the States with his wife. It is an amusing account of his life in Oregon as he adjusts to the US lifestyle.

The site photos

December 17, 2006

The two photos I have chosen for the site are from our holiday to Mauritius in the summer. This may well turn out to be our last romantic trip to an exotic location for a very long time. That is one thing I think we’ll both miss about becoming parents, though everyone says that there are plenty of compensations for such things.

The first one is me by a tree in the botanic gardens at Pamplemousses (its website is here). If I recall from our guide, this is called Bhudda’s tree because he is said to have meditated under one (not this one given that the gardens were initially planted a little over 200 years ago).
The other picture is Hannah and I one night before dinner.

Why I fear blogs

December 17, 2006

This is the website that made me fear blogs here. Not only was he insane enough to collect all of his receipts, but the internet helped him share his madness. I know that website is old hat (I was sent a link not long after I started at IBM), but I thought it worth sharing. That’s what blogs are about, isn’t it?