Story so far

We’re at just gone 11 weeks. For those in the know that is nearly at the end of the first trimester. So far, when asked, Hannah would say she hasn’t been feeling too bad. She has had a little morning sickness, but more often just a feeling of nausea and not wanting to eat. There is a bump beginning to show, though Hannah noticed it a long time ago. She is enjoying buying stuff from eBay, both for herself (maternity clothes) and the baby (play things).
On Friday we went for the first scan. This was meant to be followed by a visit to the consultant obstetrician, but the baby is still too young to take the measurements for Down’s so we have to return at the start of January for another scan.
I may scan the scan and put it in the blog. We got this one for free, though the midwife, when she did her home visit, said that a copy of the scan would cost. Maybe it doesn’t count because the baby was too young, who knows. There isn’t much to see in it really, you had to be there to see anything that made sense. The most important thing was to see the little heart beating, which was a big moment for both of us. The checks done on the baby at this visit were limited to measuring the size (38.8mm), checking that the heart was beating (it was and looked good on the monitor), checking the development of the head and limbs (all present and correct).

Hannah tried to get a sneaky video of the scan by asking if we could use the camcorder, but was rebuffed. It would have made it far more understandable for other people to have moving images.


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