I have added an album to share for friends that contains our first scan. Let me know if you want access, I think I can do that separately through Yahoo Albums, rather than you having to create a Yahoo id to become a friend (though you should do that to make me look more popular).

Christine is my first friend, thanks.

If I try and add myself as a friend, then I get an error message saying I cannot befriend myself. That is hardly a message for someone lacking self-confidence! Yahoo should use more gentle words.

Hannah tells me that I am not being positive enough. Sorry if the initial updates seemed that way. Hannah being pregnant is a truely great thing, though one that can be a little difficult for a potential dad to connect with. I am very happy that we have a child on the way, and it will be a wonderous thing. There are many things that I do not understand (emotionally or intellectually) at this stage that will happen in the coming months. Maybe I’ll be able to communicate those events and feelings here.

It is worth mentioning that Hannah is currently craving cheese, with Babybel being the favoured target (especially those people we will be visiting over Christmas).


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