Home Again

Hannah and I have been away visiting my Mum and stepfather in Glasgow. We got back today, after taking a longer than usual trip north and back again. Hannah finds travelling in a car brings on nausea, and so wanted to split the journey in two, as an 8 hour (or more) trip in the car didn’t appeal. On the way up we stayed with my friend Neal’s parents in Bradford, which was very kind of them, and great to stay and have a chat (very little of it about Bradford City). On the way back we stopped at a hotel near Knutsford, and had an excellent, traffic-jam free drive the rest of the way through Birmingham and south, amazing.

While being up in Scotland, a few discussions have occurred about planning for visiting around the expected birth date. It is clear that such plans can’t really be made at the moment. With Hannah’s diabetes it is hard to predict a birth date. We know the baby will be born early, but we cannot say when. This is because the babies of diabetic mothers grow faster (because of the extra sugar in the blood) and because the placenta starts to degrade sooner in pregnancies of diabetic mothers. The closest Hannah will get to full term is being induced at 38 weeks. To monitor the baby we get lots of scans, every four weeks after week 20. This will give a chance for other people to go along a see the scans other than me. I’m generous like that.

For my youngest brother our due date causes a slight problem. He is getting married on the 21st July (two weeks or so after the due date) and I am to be his best man. I think it was a bit weird for Hannah seeing him and his fiance, as this may be the last time before having the baby, and the next time they see each other we’ll have a son or daughter. Of course, I’ve got the stag do to go to, and will most likely be there at the wedding (and missing my new family ). Still, it’s all a long, long way off.


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