Marching Down the Corridor

We had the second scan this morning. Although it could have been the second and third scan.

The appointment was at 9:30 this morning, and we were there a little late. Hannah was straight in to have the scan, and I got let in a back door after parking the car. The pictures were amazing, so much better than last time. It is amazing how much change there has been in a little over three weeks. The baby was kicking and waving his hands (I will use his as the majority of people seem to think the baby is a boy). At one point he even rolled over and changed from lying upwards to downwards (or the other way, it’s confusing). After the initial checks by the sonographer, she wanted to measure nuchal fold, which is somewhere on the neck. The sonographer wanted to get just the right lie of the baby, but he was being stubborn and refusing to move, and was happy kicking around with his legs and head. Hannah had to bump her bum up and down on the bed, lie on her side, go for a march down the corridor, but to no avail. As 10 approached, they suggested we go out and wait for the next couple of have their scan, which was expected to be quick, and Hannah go do some jumps etc in the waiting room. Thankfully for Hannah it was empty and she bounced around for 10 minutes. It was disappointment when we went back in as the baby still was lying the wrong way, though he did tease by having the roll mentioned earlier. So no success on getting the measurement from the nuchal fold, which gives an indicator of the likelihood of the baby having Down’s. It was vital to get this measurement today because the baby was almost past the size he can be to take this measurement. After today he would be too big, and the next indicator for Down’s would have to be a blood test at 16 weeks, which is only 60% accurate, compared with 80% from the scan.

The next suggestion was that as they had had a cancellation for their last appointment we could return at 11:45. We had been hoping to go to the opticians because Hannah misplaced her glasses in the car yesterday, no doubt in a pregnancy absent moment. We decided to head home, and return for a dash before going to the opticians. We returned home and Hannah had a sleep. When we got back in the car to head back to Newport I miraculously found Hannah’s glasses, and saved us the visit to the opticians and hence gave more time to have a last go at the scan. Success. Onwards back to the hospital, and a further result when the sonographer (who is also a midwife) rang up the parking people so we didn’t have to pay another £1.20 for 10 minutes parking. Hannah popped on the table, and immediately the sonographer was happy with the position of the baby and took her reading. The results were good, with a 1 in 3500 chance of the baby having Down’s.

So, despite a lot of jiggling around by Hannah, the morning was successful, and the baby continues to grow well, and the early indicators of his health are still good.


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