Baby Names

I can see this being a contentious issue, as I am sure it probably is for many parents-to-be. The other day, on the way to the cinema, Hannah was reeling off a number of candidate names, some of which I liked, most I didn’t. She seems to want to decide on a name for each sex and just go with that, whereas I would rather have a shortlist and name the baby when he is born. I don’t think you can give a child a name without meeting them. At the cinema, when the closing credits were rolling, Hannah was reading the names and deciding which she liked. This was very bad because it was an American film, full of those weird names that Americans come up with because of their pan-European culture. Anyway, the film was quite good, if a tab depressing (‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, misspelling intentional).

Back to baby names, the BBC had an interesting article on the subject a couple of months ago here, about how people are trying to avoid the trend, but instead building it and ending up with popular names for their children. This is something we will have to buck. There is also an article giving the most popular names for 2006 here.

I am sure Hannah and I will have many discussions about names over the next months, and she will have far more ideas than I will. So long as we have a shortlist come the birth day, and have not restricted it to two names, I’ll be mildly content.


3 Responses to “Baby Names”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thought I would just add here that kieron’s “mildly content” would equate to being “positively orgasmic” to the rest of us, so I am not paying much attention to be honest. Jezzabel and Bizmilah it is then. H x

  2. kieronb Says:

    The baby is more likely to called Bismathi than Bizmilah!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    With Scottish roots, you’re surely going to have to consider Mungo or Elspeth??

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