Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Really this is one of those updates to say there are no updates.

Our decorating is finished, and now we have to start dressing the house to make it look nice for selling. Hannah had a very successful day teaching the PSHE certificate to teachers and nurses on Wednesday. It was the last day of the course and the students were very complementary of her teaching. She has had a couple of bouts of morning sickness over the past week, but I think she is sleeping well at the moment. We are debating what to do for our Easter holidays, and Hannah keeps suggesting ‘baby shopping’. Sounds hideous, and probably very expensive. I was waiting for IBM’s results in order to gauge the likely size of my bonus (nothing in the region of the City bankers’ bonuses). If it is big enough I might buy a new PC. I’ll need a new one to edit and hold all the inevitable video footage of the new child. (It’s amazing what can be justified by a new baby .)

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