More Hospital Time

Though it has to be said it was very quick and efficient hospital time, hats off to St Mary’s.

Today Hannah had a couple of routine appointments. The first was an antenatal one with her consultant, Mr Ridley. There was no waiting (we must have been first in of the day at 9am). We did nearly get a surprise scan, as one of the midwives was so desparate to get an expectant mum under a trial ultrasound machine that she grabbed Hannah before realising she was the wrong patient! Apparently they have been given funds to renew the ultrasound machine because it is 5 years old, and is losing power, though it works fine . Hopefully we’ll get some nice photos at later scans.

Back to the appointment, and the check-up from Mr Ridley. Well, really he didn’t do much checking, he just read the notes, was disappointed that Hannah had an electronic gadget for reading and storing blood sugars rather than traditional paper and made positive noises. The midwife did the actual checking. She had a listen to the baby, and we got to listen too. So we got to hear his heart beating for the first time. We were both much moved by that. Hannah said afterwards she was panicking for the 10 seconds before the midwife located the baby in case something was wrong, but it was just the midwife searching around. Overall, they were quite happy, and the biggest concern was the Mr Ridley wasn’t happy with the 20 week scan day, and wanted it a day earlier.

Hannah then had a diabetes checkup, or rather it was an hour until that appointment, so we popped into the main hospital for a cuppa. Then to the Diabetes Clinic. A little bit of waiting but not long, and we saw Hannah’s regular consultant. He said Hannah had done ‘extremely well’ with her control and he was happy with progress too.

I guess I should mention our arguement in the antenatal appointment when asked what week we were at, and Hannah said 16 weeks, and I said 15. The midwife told us not to argue over it. Hannah was right. Info on week 16 is here.


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