Yesterday Hannah had an appointment with the local midwife. That went well. Her BP is still quite normal (120/80).

Today we went to see a couple of identical houses. They are in an estate on the edge of Cowes. I don’t think Hannah was too impressed. As usual with modern houses the rooms were smaller than we are used to. It was difficult enough for Hannah moving to our current house having got used to the enormous rooms of her Mum’s house. There are plenty of places to see in Cowes, the only difficulty is finding the time to see them. One thing Hannah is not doing at this stage of the pregnancy is slacking off the pace of her working life. On Saturday we have two agents coming to value the house, and one viewing to do, and that is all she could fit in around her lessons. We can’t do viewings on Thursdays or Fridays because of Hannah’s community choir on the former, and ‘Anything Goes’ on the latter. Crazy.

She says it has been a week since any sickness, and she has been eating plenty. We’re having lots of baked potatoes at the moment. The cheese craving seems a long time ago. At the moment she is getting some down moments, and I know she is having some upseting dreams about things going wrong. In the next couple of weeks the books say the mum will start to feel the baby moving, and I hope that will cheer her up.

Regardless of that Hannah has been very active on eBay. Several toys have already been bought, and even although our shopping trip in Glasgow at Christmas was meant to have bought her maternity wardrobe, there have been a couple of dresses ‘won’ in the last week. Another item that pops through the door with regularity are bras. It seems her bra size changes every week, and the change is never smaller! I’m told that this is causing some pain though. Smilies avoided at this stage.

We’re also waiting for the phone to ring as my sister-in-law and brother are expecting their second child any day now. Good luck to them, and we hope it all goes well, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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