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Not So Good

February 27, 2007

At her checkup with her diabetes consultant last week, the consultant requested that Hannah have her blood pressure checked every week. Today Hannah went to the local midwife to have that done. The midwife wasn’t too happy with Hannah’s at rest pressure (that’s the second number of a BP reading). The measure was of the order of 118/90. Anyway, this prompted the midwife to send Hannah off to the hospital for a bit of obs and further BP monitoring and blood tests. This meant a day off school (which Hannah hates doing), and a worrying day for her in hospital. I couldn’t get away from work, but fortunately her Mum could stay with her. I think most of the day was spent either giving blood or waiting for results. Her pressure dropped and the maternity ward were happy to let her out. Anyway, we have to try and keep Hannah off her feet as much as possible, which is a tough task, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

On the house buying side, we’re no further forward, as the guy we are trying to buy from wants find somewhere to move to before accepting an offer. It’s frustrating but understandable.


Week 20 Scan Available

February 25, 2007

For people I have sent the link to , or for friends of this blog, the week 20 scan is available in the Yahoo Photos album.

In the scan, the baby has his head on the right, looking upwards. You can see his hand resting on top of his belly, and faintly down the bottom end his knee pointing upwards so that his legs are bent. He’s looking a bit squashed in there as he is surrounded by the placenta.

For most expectant parents this would be the last time they would get to see their baby before birth, but we are lucky (though not for fortunate reasons) to have a further four scans as the medical people closely monitor the baby’s growth and the state of the womb. I very much hope all of those scans are as positive as this one was.


February 24, 2007

Today we put in a third offer on the house we like. We have to wait over the weekend to find out if it is accepted. There are other offers on the table. Nervous times. We went to see if again today with my Mum. She thought it was lovely and was very encouraging about uping the offer. Fingers crossed.

Hannah is very sleepy at the moment. She’ll be doing very well if she manages to keep working until the end of May, as she plans. Also, she is getting increasingly swollen ankles in the evenings, and I have to give them a good massage to ease some of the strain. Hannah is finding it very uncomfortable and painful. I hope it eases because it is not going to be fun for her to suffer that for another 4 months.

Her latest purchase from eBay is a little babygro at a mere £1.98. As with the wedding, having a baby is giving Hannah lots of chances to exercise her eBay addiction. At least it is going to a good purpose.

Browser Oddities

February 21, 2007

If I create a blog entry using Opera, then the handy toolbar that allows me to add smilies and change font, do bold etc isn’t there. In Firefox and IE it is. Very bad coding from Yahoo. I guess I should have realised that, given that their new Yahoo Mail interface isn’t supported in Opera. As I use both browsers, I can’t make the switch. Annoying, but much better than using Hotmail.

Scan 3

February 21, 2007

Yesterday was the 20 week scan and check-up.

We started with the scan, and as with before, no sooner were we seated in the waiting room than we were called in. The sonographer got a picture up quite quickly, which was reassuring. She muttered ‘There’s the heart’ but I didn’t see anything, though it had been quite obvious in past scans. I think it was because this time the heart was much bigger, whereas before it was a couple of pulsating pixels, now it was rather more, as we would see later in the scan.

The first part of the scan involved measuring several parts of the baby’s body, such as head circumference, to make sure growth was going well. I am happy to say that all the measurements were spot on for the baby’s age. Hannah did ask if we would see any accelerated growth in case her diabetes was affecting him at this stage, and the sonographer said she didn’t think we would see anything this early.

The next part involved going through a checklist to make sure several important things were there and working. The item the sonographer spent the longest on was the heart. You could see all four chambers and both sides beating away. She checked on the major arteries and veins. Everything was there and all was good. Another thing she checked on was the lips and nose to check for a cleft palate. That was quite amazing as she manipulated the sensor to move over the lips and nose. Quite spooky in that the picture looked a little alien.

We got a picture (and had to pay this time). Hannah has it with her today, so I can’t scan it and put it up yet, but will do.

Next was the check from the obstetrician. There was a bit of a wait because I don’t think we were on their list. Once we were in the midwife check on Hannah’s blood report taken last week. Again all was good, with Hannah’s HbA1c being 6.9, the lowest for years and years. Also her blood pressure was fine at 110/70.

So both mother and baby are healthy and proceeding along the pregnancy path quite well.


February 17, 2007

I guess we had our last couple-only Valentine’s Day for some years. Any future romantic dates will require the organisation of babysitters. We went out for a lovely meal at DB’s, a small restaurant in Cowes. We’ve been there a couple of times before, and Hannah loves their steak with pepper sauce, and had it again. She was also naughty and had prawns and smoked salmon for starter! We are going to Chicago which is on at The Mayflower in Southampton this evening. Good things have been said about it, so hopefully we’ll both enjoy it. We are in the balcony because the rest of the theatre was sold out, so I hope Baby Brear has a head for heights!

I’m also looking at a house on my own this afternoon, as Hannah is away visiting her little sister. It is another on Newport Road, and has both parking and a conservatory. It looks a but chintz-y and the Aga is not really of interest to either of us.


February 17, 2007

Nothing to do with bird watching, although there is a lot of that on the island. Rather Hannah is definitely sure what she can feel is the baby moving around. I think this is a real milestone for her, and makes the pregnancy more about creating a baby, rather than a serious of aches and pains, swellings and nausea.

Next week is the 20 week scan and the next visit to obstetrician. Hannah also has her next check with the diabetes consultant. We are both looking forward to the scan, it’ll be great to meet the baby again. I’ll put a up a copy of the scan afterwards.

I was having a discussion with some friends at work about finding out about the sex of the baby. I think the 20 week scan is the first chance of that. Hannah and I have both decided to not find the sex, she is more tempted than I. My friends all thought it would be much better to know so that preparations could be made for a boy or a girl, and the right set of names conjured up. I think that by the time the baby is born we will have counted his toes and fingers, seen him move around on scans, know about any major problems (or hopefully total lack of); the sex is one of the few things you can leave to discover on the day (and the hair colour!). When our parents had us, they had no idea if all the limbs would be present, and all the traditional anxieties that come with a new birth. Modern science has reduced a lot of that for expectant parents, and I suppose holding back finding out if the baby is boy or girl is a nod to the thousands of years of nail biting and stress that humans have experienced through pregnancies in the past.

Aches and Pains

February 11, 2007

I suppose it happens to all pregnant women that eventually they start to feel run down and have niggly aches here and there. Hannah has been suffering from it this week, and is, I think, beginning to tire quicker. She feels her ankles are becoming swollen, although a foot rub I gave her last night has helped. This was while watching Dodgeball on DVD, which is a film we would both recommend.

She also said, this morning, that she is feeling strange sensations in her tummy, but didn’t know if that was the baby moving around.

More Houses

February 11, 2007

We went to see a couple of houses yesterday. The first is the new frontrunner, after Hannah went off the house we went to see last weekend. Yesterday’s has two pages on Rightmove (here and here). It is a substantial house, all the rooms are large. The only drawback is the parking, as is there is none, but the adjoining house has put a driveway into the front garden, so there is precedent for doing the same to this house. Hannah is going to have a look with her Mum tomorrow, and we are both going back on Wednesday. The other house was mostly done up, but they’d missed a bit at the back, which was crucially important as it was the small outside loo which looked like it was falling off the end of the back addition. For five grand less of an asking price than the first house, it didn’t look like a bargain.

We did have another viewing on our house today, but apparently they drove past and decided they didn’t like the position. They were looking for a second home, and I guess wanted something with sea views and that seaside feel, which we don’t quite have. It hardly matters as we have accepted the full asking price offer from our first time buyers.

In the Family Way

February 9, 2007

The other very major news this week is the birth of my brother’s second daughter, Lucy. She was born just before midnight on Monday at a decent 9st 10lbs. Congratulations to all the Brears in London. I’m not sure my sister-in-law would agree with my brother’s comment that she doesn’t look all that big. Lucy’s big sister is getting used to the idea of company, I am told.

We’ve also had some offers of baby clothing donations this week. Such offers are very helpful, as it softens the blow of buying lots of stuff. Also, it is better for the environment, re-using the clothes, rather than throwing them out, or turning them into cloths (which I’m sure I remember happening to my littlest brother’s baby-gros).