Real estate

Yesterday we had a couple of agents round to value, and went to visit a house.

What has been good about the four valuations we have had is that they have all plumped for within the same ten grand price range, which gives us some confidence that they are all accurately choosing a price. We have made our choice of agent, and they are coming tomorrow to do the pictures etc. I’ll give a link to our advert once it’s once Rightmove, and then any lucky blog readers can buy the house from us.

The house we went to see was another new one. It was bigger than the ones earlier in the week, and better laid out. It has a big island in the kitchen, which I quite like, but Hannah doesn’t. It could be a contender. We don’t have any viewings until next weekend because one of us is out every evening during the week.

One Response to “Real estate”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The house you viewed looks great. Islands in kitchens are a matter of personal taste but toddlers do tend to bump into them whilst travelling at speed. Mind you, toddlers bump into most things whilst travelling at speed – so if it isn’t the kitchen island it will be something else. Old tyres make suitable buffers (as per Top Gear).

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