It appears that pregnancy allows loud and rude exclamations in restaurants. Last night we went out to a pleasant pub on the island, called The Horse and Groom. Hannah decided upon the duck with black cherries on the specials board (she loves black cherries). When it arrived it turned out to be half a duck and enormous. The first thing Hannah practically shouted out as soon as the waiter’s back was turned was “It smells of wet dog!”. It was very embarrassing. I didn’t notice the waiter flinch. The duck turned out to be perfectly okay to eat.


2 Responses to “Rudeness”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The thing is, it actually did smell like wet dog but the worse thing was, I thought the dead duck on my plate was going to bring on another bout of dreaded morning sickness and so it was partly shock, but partly fear which made me shout so loudly, rather than plain old rudeness. Sorry about the long sentence. Felt it was worth pointing out. And whilst on the topic of rudeness, I think I have been pretty nice to most people, onsidering what I have had to put up with – vomitting, stretch marks, painful boobs, total lack of clothes that actually fit, lack of appetite, cravings, lack of sleep etc…so I think we can allow ourselves the occasional outburst. Anyway, I only said, “it smells of wet dog” – I didn’t swear or anything. That’s it from me. Thanks, H xx

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It would have been far worse if Hannah had have been presented with a large dog which smelled like wet duck! Nothing wrong with telling it like it is, Hannah! I haven’t been pregnant for nearly 10 years and I’m far, far ruder about most things still! WSM

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