More Houses

We went to see a couple of houses yesterday. The first is the new frontrunner, after Hannah went off the house we went to see last weekend. Yesterday’s has two pages on Rightmove (here and here). It is a substantial house, all the rooms are large. The only drawback is the parking, as is there is none, but the adjoining house has put a driveway into the front garden, so there is precedent for doing the same to this house. Hannah is going to have a look with her Mum tomorrow, and we are both going back on Wednesday. The other house was mostly done up, but they’d missed a bit at the back, which was crucially important as it was the small outside loo which looked like it was falling off the end of the back addition. For five grand less of an asking price than the first house, it didn’t look like a bargain.

We did have another viewing on our house today, but apparently they drove past and decided they didn’t like the position. They were looking for a second home, and I guess wanted something with sea views and that seaside feel, which we don’t quite have. It hardly matters as we have accepted the full asking price offer from our first time buyers.


One Response to “More Houses”

  1. clare g Says:

    Good news on your house, it looks great on the web.
    And the ones you are checking out look good. Hope to see them when I am down.

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