Nothing to do with bird watching, although there is a lot of that on the island. Rather Hannah is definitely sure what she can feel is the baby moving around. I think this is a real milestone for her, and makes the pregnancy more about creating a baby, rather than a serious of aches and pains, swellings and nausea.

Next week is the 20 week scan and the next visit to obstetrician. Hannah also has her next check with the diabetes consultant. We are both looking forward to the scan, it’ll be great to meet the baby again. I’ll put a up a copy of the scan afterwards.

I was having a discussion with some friends at work about finding out about the sex of the baby. I think the 20 week scan is the first chance of that. Hannah and I have both decided to not find the sex, she is more tempted than I. My friends all thought it would be much better to know so that preparations could be made for a boy or a girl, and the right set of names conjured up. I think that by the time the baby is born we will have counted his toes and fingers, seen him move around on scans, know about any major problems (or hopefully total lack of); the sex is one of the few things you can leave to discover on the day (and the hair colour!). When our parents had us, they had no idea if all the limbs would be present, and all the traditional anxieties that come with a new birth. Modern science has reduced a lot of that for expectant parents, and I suppose holding back finding out if the baby is boy or girl is a nod to the thousands of years of nail biting and stress that humans have experienced through pregnancies in the past.

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