Scan 3

Yesterday was the 20 week scan and check-up.

We started with the scan, and as with before, no sooner were we seated in the waiting room than we were called in. The sonographer got a picture up quite quickly, which was reassuring. She muttered ‘There’s the heart’ but I didn’t see anything, though it had been quite obvious in past scans. I think it was because this time the heart was much bigger, whereas before it was a couple of pulsating pixels, now it was rather more, as we would see later in the scan.

The first part of the scan involved measuring several parts of the baby’s body, such as head circumference, to make sure growth was going well. I am happy to say that all the measurements were spot on for the baby’s age. Hannah did ask if we would see any accelerated growth in case her diabetes was affecting him at this stage, and the sonographer said she didn’t think we would see anything this early.

The next part involved going through a checklist to make sure several important things were there and working. The item the sonographer spent the longest on was the heart. You could see all four chambers and both sides beating away. She checked on the major arteries and veins. Everything was there and all was good. Another thing she checked on was the lips and nose to check for a cleft palate. That was quite amazing as she manipulated the sensor to move over the lips and nose. Quite spooky in that the picture looked a little alien.

We got a picture (and had to pay this time). Hannah has it with her today, so I can’t scan it and put it up yet, but will do.

Next was the check from the obstetrician. There was a bit of a wait because I don’t think we were on their list. Once we were in the midwife check on Hannah’s blood report taken last week. Again all was good, with Hannah’s HbA1c being 6.9, the lowest for years and years. Also her blood pressure was fine at 110/70.

So both mother and baby are healthy and proceeding along the pregnancy path quite well.


3 Responses to “Scan 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the scan tomorrow

  2. clare g Says:

    And of course the anon one was me

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think he looks just like poppa weedon!!!!!!!!Love gan gan ba ba xx

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