Today we put in a third offer on the house we like. We have to wait over the weekend to find out if it is accepted. There are other offers on the table. Nervous times. We went to see if again today with my Mum. She thought it was lovely and was very encouraging about uping the offer. Fingers crossed.

Hannah is very sleepy at the moment. She’ll be doing very well if she manages to keep working until the end of May, as she plans. Also, she is getting increasingly swollen ankles in the evenings, and I have to give them a good massage to ease some of the strain. Hannah is finding it very uncomfortable and painful. I hope it eases because it is not going to be fun for her to suffer that for another 4 months.

Her latest purchase from eBay is a little babygro at a mere £1.98. As with the wedding, having a baby is giving Hannah lots of chances to exercise her eBay addiction. At least it is going to a good purpose.

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