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March 27, 2007

Congratulations to two more of my friends, Dan and Alison, who got engaged at the end of last week. There must be love in the air. Maybe even the great Buzz will find real romance and pop the question.


Too Little

March 27, 2007

There isn’t enough news at the moment. The people we are trying to buy a house from at the moment have gone on holiday (skiing lucky them) and don’t seem to be responding to messages from the estate agent. Who knows if they even have reception wherever they are. Obviously it is frustrating for us.

What is good to have no news from was Hannah’s lastest BP check which was all fine. Her ankles are giving her a lot of jip, and she has realised that waddling pregnant women don’t waddle because of the size of their bellies, but rather because they can’t bend their swollen ankles.

The baby is in full swing inside the womb. Not only can his gymnastics be felt by me but I can see twitches in Hannah’s tummy. Rather more impressive for me than for Hannah, I think, because the constant movement is quite distressing, distracting, uncomfortable (one of those words) for her.

Latest House Hunt

March 24, 2007

We went to see another house last night. It was better than I had expected, as it is a 1960s type house. It has been extended a little and was well decorated on the inside. It had everything we wanted, but was a bit far out of town, and externally the style wasn’t to Hannah’s taste.

This morning we had another viewing on a house that has only just come on the market; in fact we were the first to view it. As you can see from the piccies it is very nice inside. It is a good size. The only thing it lacks is parking, but the road it is on is quite quiet, so it shouldn’t be a problem, except during dreaded Cowes Week.

Anyway, we like it enough that after some agonising over the property we have an offer not quite accepted on, we have decided to put an offer in on this one. The vendors have just gone away for a week’s holiday, so we may not hear back quickly.

Week 24 Scan

March 24, 2007

As I said in the posting on the scan itself, it was the final swipe of the ultrasound that was captured for us to take away. Therefore the sonographer didn’t compose it. It’s different to the previous shots because it is front on. You can see the baby’s face on the right, and see eye sockets and a litte nose and mouth. Above his head, appearing to be floating in the womb, is a little hand, as though he is punching (most likely). To the left side of the picture you will see a tube shape, which is his right shin, with a little shin bone showing.

To see the scan, either you need to be a ‘friend’ or I send you a link to the album. Let me know if you haven’t got access and would like a peek.

Since the scan there hasn’t been much new. Hannah is feeling a great deal of movement, and every-so-often makes puffing noise which she says is because she forgets to breathe out. I can usually feel the movements through Hannah’s belly. Her ankles are giving her quite a lot of discomfort, and I guess that won’t change until after the birth now. She is still motoring along though, teaching singing at the moment. This week at school has been oral exams, rather than regular teaching, and that has given her a bit of a breather. Next week is the last before the Easter holidays, and so she is looking forward to a couple of weeks of rest.

Deadline Approaches

March 20, 2007

I had a look today on the calculator on the Government website about paternity leave, and I, and Hannah, have until the end of the month to inform our employers of our respective paternity/maternity leave. If we don’t, then we miss out on our entitlements.

On a boring front, the change in law coming into effect on 1st April now means that instead of 6 months statutory mat. leave and 6 months optional unpaid, Hannah will be entitled to 12 months statutory mat. leave, with 9 months paid (though obviously quite a lot at statutory mat. pay, £108 a week). As Hannah works in the public sector, the mat. leave conditions are quite good, and she will get 18 weeks on half pay or more. Enough to pay for the nappies (we are still debating disposable versus cloth).


March 20, 2007

Something amusing:


Scan 4

March 20, 2007

The scans are fair rattling along. Hannah complains that this sentence makes no sense in English. Sorry English people: it makes sense in Scots. We did once have a long discussion about the word amn’t. Hannah thought I was making it up, but this is a genuine piece of Scots, as explained in this Wikipedia article in the section on Syntax.

I digress, sorry.

Today was our fourth scan. Hannah’s Mum also came along to this one. Again there was very little waiting around. It looks like the Maternity Unit is undergoing some remodelling, as between the last time I went and this time they have knocked down the little hut that the receptionists lived in. It wasn’t quite a hut, more a shanty.

The scan itself was very quick. This, and I guess the future ones, are very functional and about taking measurements of the baby’s growth to check if he is growing too fast. The first thing the sonographer checked was for a low-lying placenta, something I think should have been sorted at the last scan. The baby’s position was good. Last time I think the little munchkin was in the way and prevented the sonographer getting a good look. After checking the placenta the sonographer shot through a number of measurements and then switched off and cleaned Hannah up. It was a bit of a surprise to me when she started to tidy-up. It really was a disappointingly quick scan. Hannah rather hopefully asked for a picture at this point, and the only one we could get was the last shot from the ultrasound, which I’ll add to the blog presently. It’s not the best shot, given that the sonographer wasn’t aiming for a portrait. It must have been a little of an anti-climax for Barbara given that we really didn’t get a good look at the baby, just some cross sections for measurements.

The measurements themselves were all good. They were all within the norms for week 24. The estimated weight of the baby is around 740g (maybe 1 lb 9 oz in old money). Basically three-quarters of a bag of sugar! The circumference of the head was 22cm, which is tiny when you look at a circle of that size (though his head is an ellipsoid).

After the scan we had an appointment with a midwife and the comedian obstetrician. He was quite happy with scan and its results. Hannah’s BP was still good, 130ish/75. There was a bit of discussion on Hannah’s sugars, which have started to go a little haywire. Apparently this is to be completely expected, as a result of ‘placental hormones’.

So all-in-all another successful trip to the maternity unit.

One Thousand

March 18, 2007

Not the average cost of a baby travel system but the number of hits on my blog. Thanks to all my regular readers, I hope I keep you coming back for more.

Pre-Mothers’ Day

March 18, 2007

We’ve had Hannah’s Mum and her big sister, Rachel, staying this weekend. They had a day out in Newport, with spa and lunch (I got to stay at home and watch the rugby and listen to City lose dismally), and today we all went for lunch. Hannah got some lovely presents from Baby Brear: a ‘slummy mummy’ mug, a picture frame (vainly bought for a picture of Baby Brear when born), and a little cuddly monkey for the jungle-themed nursery. Obviously Hannah really liked them.

What Hannah didn’t like was Rachel commenting several times on how ‘massive’ she was. Never mind. I’d never say such a thing!

It was a little stressful, though, this morning because Hannah woke up and said that she hadn’t felt the baby kick all night. This is usually the time she feels him the most. A quick referral to one of the pregnancy manuals revealed that such changes in movement was fairly normal at this stage. Relief all round. By this afternoon he was back doing somersaults.

Not Much to Add

March 13, 2007

The last week has been fairly uneventful, hence the lack of updates. This is a good thing because the drama of the previous couple of weeks were enough. Hannah has had a couple of blood pressure readings, and they have been fine. Her ankles are swelling up at night, and I have to massage them to ease the discomfort. She is feeling a lot of kicking from the baby, and I’ve got to feel a couple of them through the bump.

We are still waiting on news on the house we want to buy. The owner is apparently searching. There isn’t much else available that we haven’t seen, but we will have a look at a couple of places at the weekend.