Progressive Island

On Wednesday night we went to a coffee evening held by the local National Childbirth Trust (NCT) branch. We were invited along because Hannah works with one of their organisers. We really didn’t know what to expect. It was trouble finding the house it was at in the first place, because the house was on an unlit road. We did get there on time, and met some interesting people. A lot of the talk seemed to be about poo (babies’ or mothers’).

One thing did crack Hannah up (at least she did have the decency to wait until we had left to laugh out loud). We had started in the living room, and then were persuaded to go and mingle in the dining room. There were three ‘couples’ in that room. I clocked the same sex couple fairly quickly but Hannah didn’t. Obviously they were a female same sex couple (male same sex couples probably wouldn’t be at an NCT meeting, I guess that would need three people). Hannah thought they were friends, or mother and daughter. What cracked Hannah up was when the partner who was pregnant said she had until recently been head beaver at a local Beaver Scout group. This had Hannah in hysterics on the way home, going an about beavers and what-not. It was a little dangerous as she was driving at the time.

Apart from that discovery of liberalness in the backwoods of the island, Hannah had a repeat blood pressure measurement on Thursday, which was all fine.

Our house purchase hasn’t exactly fallen apart, but the owner wants to find somewhere before accepting any offers, so we are in limbo at the moment.

One Response to “Progressive Island”

  1. kieronb Says:

    I feel I must write a comment about the NCT coffee evening. I really do not wish do come across as a homophobe becasue I am not and I really wasn’t laughing at the lesbians. I was laughing because every woman there appeared to have belonged to guides or girl scouts or brownies or something at some point in their lives. I went once to brownies but was asked to leave becasue I refused to link little fingers and dance in a friendship circle with a girl who smelled of poo. Anyway, at the precise moment I worked out that the same sex couple were not in fact mother and daughter,everyone in the room started to gush about how much they loved their various scout/brownie groups and the “daughter” Queen Beaver lesbian said “Oh yes, I love my little beavers”….anyway, very funny. Although I guess you had to be there. Of course, it could just be me that finds the whole thing hilarious…in which case, I am blaming the pregnancy hormones. Thanks, hannah x

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