First of Firsts

There have been first times mentioned in this blog before, and there will be more. I am going to mention a couple here, but I feel a need to apologise beforehand. I reckon that a first pregnancy and child is full of these momentous occasions, and for other people who have been there, done that, it may appear a bit naive or repetitive. Hopefully I’ll get plenty of other happenings to flesh these out, rather than giving lots of ‘first this, first that’ without much else. It is, I’m afraid, a fresh journey for both Hannah and I.

Anyway, last night’s firsts were one good and one bad. The good one was that I felt the baby move for the first time. Hannah has been feeling the movements, some of them quite big and surprising, apparently, for at least a couple of weeks, but I’ve never felt any in her tummy. I did last night, which was great ; good to at last feel something from my child, having seen (scans) and heard (foetal heart monitor) him already. The second first (which isn’t really a first but rather a process of increasing discomfort) was that Hannah had her most disturbed night yet with a combination of the baby doing gymnastics all night and needing to get up and wee . In the morning she said she hoped it wasn’t a presage of the baby’s desire to be awake at night once he is born. From my point of view, I thankfully slept through all of Hannah’s moving around and getting up , but I suspect that blissful ignorance isn’t going to last many more nights.


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