A Little Bit Scary

Don’t worry as you read this, it all turned out okay in the end.

Last night Hannah and I were going out to the cinema. It didn’t start well because as I was manoeuvring the car out of its parking space I slightly nudged the car behind (no damage). On the way we planned to stop off at one of Hannah’s friends in a neighbouring town to pick up some maternity clothes she was handing on to Hannah. I had parked the car in the street next to their house, and Hannah had got out of the car and gone across to knock on their door. It was a rather wet and dark night, especially as that part of the street wasn’t well lit. (This isn’t going well, is it? You can just hear ‘voice-over man’: It was a dark, stormy night long ago…). Anyway, there wasn’t anyone in, and Hannah dashed back across the road, and, I think, started to lose her balance. The car was on an up-slope, so there was quite a large blind spot under the bonnet (a big thing on an A4) and all I saw from the driver’s seat was Hannah skipping across the road, briefly flying through the air as though in a comedy movie, and then disappearing from view into the blind spot under the bonnet.

At this point I’ll mention that Hannah said that as she was doing this she thought it would look really funny and was laughing as she fell.

Obviously I got out of the car as quickly as I could and rushed round to find Hannah face down in a grass patch picking herself up. She was moaning a little bit, and as I helped her up I could see she was covered in mud down the front of her coat and her hands. We gingerly got her into the car and I drove home. She wasn’t very happy in the car, but did say she thought it must have looked hilarious and felt like she had flown through the air for ages. When we got home we cleaned Hannah up, and we were both surprised to find quite a lot of mud trapped under the strap of her watch where she had put her hands out to cushion the impact. She had also quite badly grazed her knees and I cleaned those up for her.

Of course we were both worried about any effect on the baby, enough that Hannah felt it best to check with the maternity ward. They recommended we pop in just to be on the safe side. This we decided to do, and got back in the car and drove off to the hospital. It was all quiet there, and on arrival we were buzzed in to the ward and popped into an empty four bed room. The midwife seeing Hannah remarked that she had seen her before, and was in fact one of the staff who had monitored Hannah’s BP last week. She used the Sonicaid (as it’s called) to listen to the baby’s heart, and all was well, and as Hannah had not had any abdominal pains, she was happy to let us go.

As I said at the beginning, it all ended well, except that Hannah was hobbling around with sore knees today and I had to get the crutches we’ve had under the house for two years from when Hannah went over on her ankle on the way to the pub. We even managed to get to the next showing of the film we were going to, Hot Fuzz, which was very funny, and I would thoroughly recommend it. Unfortunately for our US-based readers, I doubt it will make it across the Pond, and the Americans certainly wouldn’t understand the humour.

2 Responses to “A Little Bit Scary”

  1. clare g Says:

    Just reading your blog: you didn’t mention any of this on the phone!!

  2. kieronb Says:

    That’s because it happened after we spoke. If only I was psychic. That might make for interesting blogging though, because you could tell everyone what was going to happen in your life before it did. šŸ™‚

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