Pre-Mothers’ Day

We’ve had Hannah’s Mum and her big sister, Rachel, staying this weekend. They had a day out in Newport, with spa and lunch (I got to stay at home and watch the rugby and listen to City lose dismally), and today we all went for lunch. Hannah got some lovely presents from Baby Brear: a ‘slummy mummy’ mug, a picture frame (vainly bought for a picture of Baby Brear when born), and a little cuddly monkey for the jungle-themed nursery. Obviously Hannah really liked them.

What Hannah didn’t like was Rachel commenting several times on how ‘massive’ she was. Never mind. I’d never say such a thing!

It was a little stressful, though, this morning because Hannah woke up and said that she hadn’t felt the baby kick all night. This is usually the time she feels him the most. A quick referral to one of the pregnancy manuals revealed that such changes in movement was fairly normal at this stage. Relief all round. By this afternoon he was back doing somersaults.


One Response to “Pre-Mothers’ Day”

  1. ANTHONY S Says:

    I feel I have to put my ‘massive’ comments into perspective! I was so amazed, thrilled and proud to see Hannah looking so pregnant, but maybe it came out wrong- when you read ‘massive’, please replace with ‘blooming’- it sounds much better! Lots of love, Rachel (the big sister) xx

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