Deadline Approaches

I had a look today on the calculator on the Government website about paternity leave, and I, and Hannah, have until the end of the month to inform our employers of our respective paternity/maternity leave. If we don’t, then we miss out on our entitlements.

On a boring front, the change in law coming into effect on 1st April now means that instead of 6 months statutory mat. leave and 6 months optional unpaid, Hannah will be entitled to 12 months statutory mat. leave, with 9 months paid (though obviously quite a lot at statutory mat. pay, £108 a week). As Hannah works in the public sector, the mat. leave conditions are quite good, and she will get 18 weeks on half pay or more. Enough to pay for the nappies (we are still debating disposable versus cloth).

3 Responses to “Deadline Approaches”

  1. Racheli Says:

    Sorry, sod the environment when you are changing oodles of nappies everyday you dont want to be washing them. What a nightmare. although the biodegradeable sounds good as longs it doesn’t biodegrade poo onto the living room floor.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The IDEA of biodegradables is great and would work admirably if that was all you will have to do – but you will have so very much more than that to do and anything that can save you time and energy should take priority over noble thoughts of saving the world. Your baby’s bottom is not going to make a massive difference in the great scheme of things and try to remember that the last few episodes of global warming occurred when there were no aeroplanes, ‘fridges, disposable nappies … the whole global warming scenario is cyclical. It will occur whether we try to prevent it or whether we don’t. Let baby Brear be dry and comfortable and don’t worry about his/her carbon footprint! Always best to do what’s best for you and not for the propagandists. Pampers get my vote over Huggies! Love, WSM xxx

  3. Racheli Says:

    I say huggies over pampers.

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