Scan 4

The scans are fair rattling along. Hannah complains that this sentence makes no sense in English. Sorry English people: it makes sense in Scots. We did once have a long discussion about the word amn’t. Hannah thought I was making it up, but this is a genuine piece of Scots, as explained in this Wikipedia article in the section on Syntax.

I digress, sorry.

Today was our fourth scan. Hannah’s Mum also came along to this one. Again there was very little waiting around. It looks like the Maternity Unit is undergoing some remodelling, as between the last time I went and this time they have knocked down the little hut that the receptionists lived in. It wasn’t quite a hut, more a shanty.

The scan itself was very quick. This, and I guess the future ones, are very functional and about taking measurements of the baby’s growth to check if he is growing too fast. The first thing the sonographer checked was for a low-lying placenta, something I think should have been sorted at the last scan. The baby’s position was good. Last time I think the little munchkin was in the way and prevented the sonographer getting a good look. After checking the placenta the sonographer shot through a number of measurements and then switched off and cleaned Hannah up. It was a bit of a surprise to me when she started to tidy-up. It really was a disappointingly quick scan. Hannah rather hopefully asked for a picture at this point, and the only one we could get was the last shot from the ultrasound, which I’ll add to the blog presently. It’s not the best shot, given that the sonographer wasn’t aiming for a portrait. It must have been a little of an anti-climax for Barbara given that we really didn’t get a good look at the baby, just some cross sections for measurements.

The measurements themselves were all good. They were all within the norms for week 24. The estimated weight of the baby is around 740g (maybe 1 lb 9 oz in old money). Basically three-quarters of a bag of sugar! The circumference of the head was 22cm, which is tiny when you look at a circle of that size (though his head is an ellipsoid).

After the scan we had an appointment with a midwife and the comedian obstetrician. He was quite happy with scan and its results. Hannah’s BP was still good, 130ish/75. There was a bit of discussion on Hannah’s sugars, which have started to go a little haywire. Apparently this is to be completely expected, as a result of ‘placental hormones’.

So all-in-all another successful trip to the maternity unit.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is “fair rattling along” exclusively Scottish? It’s a great expression and one I’ve heard many times … as opposed to “Hannah’s and I’s baby” – which I’ve never heard before North or South of the border and deserves a detention! Perhaps best dealt with by the teacher currently housing your baby! Love, WSM xxx

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