Latest House Hunt

We went to see another house last night. It was better than I had expected, as it is a 1960s type house. It has been extended a little and was well decorated on the inside. It had everything we wanted, but was a bit far out of town, and externally the style wasn’t to Hannah’s taste.

This morning we had another viewing on a house that has only just come on the market; in fact we were the first to view it. As you can see from the piccies it is very nice inside. It is a good size. The only thing it lacks is parking, but the road it is on is quite quiet, so it shouldn’t be a problem, except during dreaded Cowes Week.

Anyway, we like it enough that after some agonising over the property we have an offer not quite accepted on, we have decided to put an offer in on this one. The vendors have just gone away for a week’s holiday, so we may not hear back quickly.


2 Responses to “Latest House Hunt”

  1. Chris R Says:

    Kieron, I have finally managed to login and was warned off because your weblog has some ‘mature content’. What is it and where is it?


  2. kieronb Says:

    Great to have you with the blog, Chris. Can’t think why it would be mature, that’s a setting I have to do myself, and I don’t remember doing it. Of course, topics of nappies and house buying are very mature and grown-up. 🙂

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