Week 24 Scan

As I said in the posting on the scan itself, it was the final swipe of the ultrasound that was captured for us to take away. Therefore the sonographer didn’t compose it. It’s different to the previous shots because it is front on. You can see the baby’s face on the right, and see eye sockets and a litte nose and mouth. Above his head, appearing to be floating in the womb, is a little hand, as though he is punching (most likely). To the left side of the picture you will see a tube shape, which is his right shin, with a little shin bone showing.

To see the scan, either you need to be a ‘friend’ or I send you a link to the album. Let me know if you haven’t got access and would like a peek.

Since the scan there hasn’t been much new. Hannah is feeling a great deal of movement, and every-so-often makes puffing noise which she says is because she forgets to breathe out. I can usually feel the movements through Hannah’s belly. Her ankles are giving her quite a lot of discomfort, and I guess that won’t change until after the birth now. She is still motoring along though, teaching singing at the moment. This week at school has been oral exams, rather than regular teaching, and that has given her a bit of a breather. Next week is the last before the Easter holidays, and so she is looking forward to a couple of weeks of rest.

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