Too Little

There isn’t enough news at the moment. The people we are trying to buy a house from at the moment have gone on holiday (skiing lucky them) and don’t seem to be responding to messages from the estate agent. Who knows if they even have reception wherever they are. Obviously it is frustrating for us.

What is good to have no news from was Hannah’s lastest BP check which was all fine. Her ankles are giving her a lot of jip, and she has realised that waddling pregnant women don’t waddle because of the size of their bellies, but rather because they can’t bend their swollen ankles.

The baby is in full swing inside the womb. Not only can his gymnastics be felt by me but I can see twitches in Hannah’s tummy. Rather more impressive for me than for Hannah, I think, because the constant movement is quite distressing, distracting, uncomfortable (one of those words) for her.


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