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Depressing News 2

April 30, 2007

My advice – rent, don’t buy a house. Two complicating factors arose last week on our potential buy. The first was the survey (which always have to raise something but usually can be taken with a pinch of salt). This highlighted the roof as having 2-3 years left and being made of asbestos tiles (not uncommon) would be expensive to replace. This is negiotating point no. 1 on price and we had a builder doing an estimate today. The second item was the fact that the seller’s information form showed they didn’t have building regs for the loft conversion so a phone call to our lawyer today has set him off sorting that out. I could moan about this, but who knows, that may be perjory or something.


Depressing News 1

April 30, 2007

City got relegated on Saturday after a miserable defeat at Chesterfield who were the team below us. I didn’t listen to it because I was rehearsing for the Southampton Philharmonic‘s concert of Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius on Saturday evening (which did go well). For a perfect view on City’s relegation to the lowest division in the English league you can read this blog entry on the BBC’s 606 website.

The Past Week

April 30, 2007

We did have quite a lot of news last week. Tuesday heralded a visit with one of the anaesthetists, Dr Noble, who deals with labour etc. She had been described as dynamic, which I guess she probably was. During the time we were with her she made two phone calls, and received another two, which is about the equivalent of what I get in a week (the wonder of email). She sorted Hannah out for the eye operation, even though it wasn’t her surgical area in that she explained the various options for anaesthetic and was the first to explain that the topical local anaesthetic that Hannah had for her first eye operation was not what Dr Lockhead (the eye doctor) had been talking about, but actually a blocking local anaesthetic of the injected sort that would numb the whole area. We briefly also discussed delivery options, but that was just a ‘whatever your obstetrician decides is fine with me’ kind of opinion from her.

Having seen that anaesthetist on Tuesday, Hannah say the one for the eye operation on Friday, as well as an (apparently) slightly disgruntled Dr Lockhead. He was now saying the surgery could be delayed until after the baby was born if a general anaesthetic was required, after having previously said if Hannah waited that long then she would lose her sight. Hannah’s Mum (who was there, I wasn’t) reminded him of this and he muttered something about risks blah blah. The final outcome is that Hannah is having the operation a couple of days early next week with all sorts of pain relief, which is good for her and the baby. Hopefully it will all pass over and be for the better with the minimum of fuss for Hannah and the little ‘un.

Baby Bump is kicking a lot now and it doesn’t take a great deal of time with a hand on Hannah’s tummy to feel him moving around. The last couple of days he has been very active. A few concerts we have been to recently bring particular reactions to brass sections. Maybe he’ll be a horn player like his two aunties!

New Progress Bar

April 30, 2007

As a project manager, I like to see progress (which is never enough). Here is the current point we are at:


Tomorrow is Week 30, so we are three quarters of the way to “babyland”!


April 21, 2007

This is the study of kidneys and Hannah visited a nephrologist in Portsmouth on Wednesday. I wasn’t there but in summary she was quite happy with Hannah’s blood results and said there was nothing to worry about. Enough said.

More Real

April 21, 2007

I am beginning to find the reality of a forthcoming son or daughter dawning on me. As I said sometime ago in the blog, and the books I’ve read say the same, for the prospective father pregnancy is a bit abstract. The mother gets all the kicking and discomfort and immense changes in her body, and she knows it is real, and Hannah is seriously finding this at the moment. For the dad-to-be we get a televisual experience at the scans and a fluttering feeling of the baby through our partners’ tummies. I think it is best described as feeling like someone’s heart when you put your hand on their chest. I suppose when I see hands or feet poking around the I’ll be better able to see the reality.

So saying, in times of quiet, such as driving to work or in the shower, and I think of the life change that is coming, I am starting to get a bit of butterflies and trepidation about how I will handle it all. It’s a huge event, nothing can prepare one for it. That’s scarey. I am sure we will both cope with it (well, Hannah at least) but it is a massive unknown. Millions do it everyday and make a great success of it, so surely it’s not that hard?


April 21, 2007

City lost to Leyton Orient today. Neal and I’s trip up to Bradford didn’t help encourage the side and we are now effectively relegated to League 2.

Scan 5 plus Vista Rant

April 21, 2007

On Tuesday we went in for the 28 week scan. There has been advances in the reception in the maternity clinic, with a desk now in place, but the admin staff still seem to be hidden away somewhere out of sight. We had a bit of a wait this time (after having had to negotiate the annual dig up of the only road between Cowes and Newport), for which the staff were very apologetic. Apparently they had had an emergency, which is something we would all rather avoid.

The scan was all good. The measurements of the baby’s size are all spot on the prediction lines. His weight was estimated at 1.17kg, but by now he’ll be a few grams more. Hannah’s blood pressure was also spot on so there were no worries about that.

We did have some disappointing news: Mr Ridley, the obstetrician we have been seeing is retiring next month, so we’ll have a different one for the important part of the pregnancy.

Hannah told them about her impending eye operation and that she had been told she couldn’t have it with general anaesthetic (GA). The midwife and obstetrician disagreed with that opinion saying that it is okay for pregnant mums to have GAs because the baby goes to sleep the same as the mum and wakes up the same. It is only during labour that they do not give GA because they don’t want the baby coming out the womb asleep. They also said they couldn’t say anything to the eye doctor because it is his surgery and his choice on anaesthetic. We are going to see an anaesthetist on Tuesday to discuss delivery options, and so they suggest we talk to her about the eye ops and see what she suggests.

Overall a good visit because the baby’s growth remains on track.

I do have an issue scanning the picture from the scan. My flash new computer has got Windows Vista on, which has a few issues with device drivers for hardware. HP has decided not to provide a new device driver for the scanner we have, so it won’t scan. This is one painful thing about Vista: regardless of whether it is good or bad to use, or stable or not, I have had to spend money on a new video editing package (old one not supported); I will need a new scanner (no device driver for existing one); I need a newer version of Outlook if I want to keep my phone in sync its address book.

Come on City

April 20, 2007

For this first time in over two seasons I am making the trek north with my mate Neal to see Bradford City take on Leyton Orient in a relegation decider. Figures crossed that we win and stay up. According to the Sun newspaper, Andrew Lloyd-Weber will be there also, and jetting back down to London in order to judge the latest audition show on the Beeb (at licence fee payers expense).

Lots to Come

April 20, 2007

I’ve been very poor adding to the blog of late. We had the 28 week scan this week, so I have that to cover, plus the scan to add to the album. Hannah went over to the scary mainland on Wednesday to see a nephrologist, so something to add there. We also went to see Anything Goes performed by a local amdram group, for which Hannah was the chorus mistress.

I will say congratulations to my mate Steve and his wife who are also expecting, and expecting more than they bargained for with twins! Best wishes to them. Hannah did say she would like to have twins, but then thought about how much space they would be taking up in her tummy and how much more uncomfortable she would be now, and thought otherwise. (Sorry Wendy-Ann for mentioning future discomfort). Anyway you can read about it on their blog (it’s got video, so much more advanced than this one).