It’s been a while since I’ve put an update on the blog: this is because we have been away for a few days visiting lots of friends and family. It was quite a trip, with Hannah giving directions generated by the people at the AA. I have put the rough route we have been on through Google Maps and you can see where we went here. We bravely battled through the centre of London and over Tower Bridge to come home yesterday, and managed that without mishap. The trouble we had was when we borrowed Miriam’s (Hannah’s sister) satnav and it gave a couple of confusing instructions.

Anyway, it was great to see all the people we did, and we had lovely times staying with people. Hannah, I know, really enjoyed spending time with everyone, and it was great for her to show off her bump. We’re very appreciative to everyone we saw and spent time with.

We also had our first chance to meet our new niece, Lucy, who was born at the beginning of February, and her big sister (our goddaughter), Aliya. Soon there will be a little cousin for them to play with, which will be wonderful.

Before heading off, I took delivery of a shiny new computer. It’s running Vista, so that is something to get used to, and it has a fantastic 22″ widescreen LCD. I’ll be able to edit videos and pictures much easier with the grunt in the new computer, and no doubt there will be plenty of opportunity for that after the baby is born.

After all that visiting we have visitors coming to see us. My Mum and stepfather, and littlest brother, Hamish and his fiancee are coming to stay with us over the Easter weekend, so further busyness is ahead.


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