More Real

I am beginning to find the reality of a forthcoming son or daughter dawning on me. As I said sometime ago in the blog, and the books I’ve read say the same, for the prospective father pregnancy is a bit abstract. The mother gets all the kicking and discomfort and immense changes in her body, and she knows it is real, and Hannah is seriously finding this at the moment. For the dad-to-be we get a televisual experience at the scans and a fluttering feeling of the baby through our partners’ tummies. I think it is best described as feeling like someone’s heart when you put your hand on their chest. I suppose when I see hands or feet poking around the I’ll be better able to see the reality.

So saying, in times of quiet, such as driving to work or in the shower, and I think of the life change that is coming, I am starting to get a bit of butterflies and trepidation about how I will handle it all. It’s a huge event, nothing can prepare one for it. That’s scarey. I am sure we will both cope with it (well, Hannah at least) but it is a massive unknown. Millions do it everyday and make a great success of it, so surely it’s not that hard?


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