Scan 5 plus Vista Rant

On Tuesday we went in for the 28 week scan. There has been advances in the reception in the maternity clinic, with a desk now in place, but the admin staff still seem to be hidden away somewhere out of sight. We had a bit of a wait this time (after having had to negotiate the annual dig up of the only road between Cowes and Newport), for which the staff were very apologetic. Apparently they had had an emergency, which is something we would all rather avoid.

The scan was all good. The measurements of the baby’s size are all spot on the prediction lines. His weight was estimated at 1.17kg, but by now he’ll be a few grams more. Hannah’s blood pressure was also spot on so there were no worries about that.

We did have some disappointing news: Mr Ridley, the obstetrician we have been seeing is retiring next month, so we’ll have a different one for the important part of the pregnancy.

Hannah told them about her impending eye operation and that she had been told she couldn’t have it with general anaesthetic (GA). The midwife and obstetrician disagreed with that opinion saying that it is okay for pregnant mums to have GAs because the baby goes to sleep the same as the mum and wakes up the same. It is only during labour that they do not give GA because they don’t want the baby coming out the womb asleep. They also said they couldn’t say anything to the eye doctor because it is his surgery and his choice on anaesthetic. We are going to see an anaesthetist on Tuesday to discuss delivery options, and so they suggest we talk to her about the eye ops and see what she suggests.

Overall a good visit because the baby’s growth remains on track.

I do have an issue scanning the picture from the scan. My flash new computer has got Windows Vista on, which has a few issues with device drivers for hardware. HP has decided not to provide a new device driver for the scanner we have, so it won’t scan. This is one painful thing about Vista: regardless of whether it is good or bad to use, or stable or not, I have had to spend money on a new video editing package (old one not supported); I will need a new scanner (no device driver for existing one); I need a newer version of Outlook if I want to keep my phone in sync its address book.

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