The Past Week

We did have quite a lot of news last week. Tuesday heralded a visit with one of the anaesthetists, Dr Noble, who deals with labour etc. She had been described as dynamic, which I guess she probably was. During the time we were with her she made two phone calls, and received another two, which is about the equivalent of what I get in a week (the wonder of email). She sorted Hannah out for the eye operation, even though it wasn’t her surgical area in that she explained the various options for anaesthetic and was the first to explain that the topical local anaesthetic that Hannah had for her first eye operation was not what Dr Lockhead (the eye doctor) had been talking about, but actually a blocking local anaesthetic of the injected sort that would numb the whole area. We briefly also discussed delivery options, but that was just a ‘whatever your obstetrician decides is fine with me’ kind of opinion from her.

Having seen that anaesthetist on Tuesday, Hannah say the one for the eye operation on Friday, as well as an (apparently) slightly disgruntled Dr Lockhead. He was now saying the surgery could be delayed until after the baby was born if a general anaesthetic was required, after having previously said if Hannah waited that long then she would lose her sight. Hannah’s Mum (who was there, I wasn’t) reminded him of this and he muttered something about risks blah blah. The final outcome is that Hannah is having the operation a couple of days early next week with all sorts of pain relief, which is good for her and the baby. Hopefully it will all pass over and be for the better with the minimum of fuss for Hannah and the little ‘un.

Baby Bump is kicking a lot now and it doesn’t take a great deal of time with a hand on Hannah’s tummy to feel him moving around. The last couple of days he has been very active. A few concerts we have been to recently bring particular reactions to brass sections. Maybe he’ll be a horn player like his two aunties!


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