Sleepy Time

This is becoming an issue for Hannah. The nipper is keeping her awake at night so she is quite tired during the day. Today she went for lunch with her friend, Paula. She had planned to come back at around 4, so I was surprised when she came back home at around half 2. The reason was she had fallen asleep and Paula had sent her home. My first thought was that she had fallen asleep at Paula’s flat, on the sofa or something. No, she had fallen asleep in the restaurant. As in at the table during conversation? No, in the loo! Hannah had gone to the loo and nodded off for half an hour, only to be woken by someone banging on the door of the cubicle. Sensibly, she did go off for a sleep on her return.

It may not just be the nocturnal activities of the baby, but also the blood pressure tablets Hannah is on, that also cause drowsiness, and she has just upped her dose to two a day, instead of just one at night. These are meant to keep her BP down and help with her swollen ankles. Pregnancy is decidedly unglamourous and seemingly a continual balance between unappealling choices. I guess it is all about the end goal.

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