Spending Money

So far we haven’t seriously bought anything for the baby, apart from a whirlwind trip around Ikea at Lakeside. Even then it was mostly just a load of toys we bought for the forthcoming jungle themed room. Yesterday that changed!

Hannah had already scouted the lie of the land at the JKUK stores in Portsmouth (with her Mum, Barbara, and sister, Rachel) and in Southampton (with Mark, her sister Miriam’s boyfriend), and I had been forced to take part in price research on Saturday night. I think this research was a thinly veiled attempt to give me the impression she hadn’t already decided the stuff she wanted (she’ll deny this). So we were ready to go out and shop.

We arrived at the Southampton store with a deadline because we were meeting our friends Aidy and Lana for lunch, so I at least knew we wouldn’t be there for ever. The place is rather non-descript, in a non-retail part of Southampton. We had our shopping list and wandered around the store for a bit, poked at a few pushchairs, car seats, travel cots and cotbeds. Almost none of these things comes for less than three figures. Suddenly the things I thought were expensive (like XBoxes or Playstations) started to seem real value for money. After the drift round the shop, Hannah collared one of the staff and we started to talk facts and figures. As I said the careful research went out the window here, and Hannah opted for the pushchair, cotbed, mattress etc that she wanted. Okay, to be fair, we still have to make a trip to Mothercare to buy some other stuff, but none of the items had choices, so she knew what she wanted before we arrived.

Are you interested in the shopping list? Maybe. We were because afterwards neither of us could remember what we had just spend the gross part of a grand on. Refering to my notes this is what we have coming over from the mainland when we move house:

  • Mamas & Papas Harewood cotbed
  • Mamas & Papas Sleepsafe Luxury cotbed mattress
  • Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette
  • Mamas & Papas footmuff for same
  • Universal parasol
  • Glider chair (unspecified brand) for Hannah when nursing
  • Glider stool for same
  • Bumbo

Of that lot, we made one active saving choice, which was to choose the universal parasol instead of the matching Mamas & Papas parasol for the pramette – saving £7! To be fair, we did resist the offer of a matching Mamas & Papas changing bag for £50 as well.

The unintiated amongst you might wonder what a pramette or bumbo are. Follow the links to find out.

Of course, we finished late, mostly because of the wait on the security clearance on Hannah’s card.

To be doubly fair, Hannah is scouring eBay to make as many sensible, good savings choices as possible.


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