Let Out

Rather like Lord Falconer’s approach to sentencing, Hannah was let out of hospital today because there was no real reason for her to be there. This stay was most definitely the hospital playing it safe, which is a good thing.

The doctor’s rounds this morning was conducted by the consultant replacing Mr Ridley when he retires soon. His assessment of Hannah was particularly poor because he hadn’t bothered to read her notes, and was talking about stuff he had spotted when he last saw Hannah a couple of months ago. Not a good way to start off. Hannah corrected him on a number of points, such as her HbA1c levels and the state of her kidneys and each time he looked at the notes and went ‘ah right’. Note to all doctors reading this – do your research before kicking off and demanding things like inducements! (Though I would welcome any inducements at work ). Apart from that, the blood results were all fine, so they were happy to let her out.

I went in to pick her up about 2. While there we met our community midwife, who Hannah hasn’t seen at all because she has spent so much time at the hospital instead. We apologised for missing the first parenting class last night, on the reasonable excuse of being in hospital. We promised to come along to the next three, though the last is maybe a bit superfluous as it is a tour of the maternity department. Anyway, she was being realistic about how long the baby would remain in Hannah’s tummy. If her symptoms remain as they are, Leigh (the midwife), reckoned we would make the 4th July appointment for c-section; if they got worse then the time may well come sooner. I think the new consultant was also saying the same things.

I guess Hannah has to try and take it as easy as possible now. She isn’t going into school tomorrow, and she has cut back on her private lessons, so her workload is down, and really she only has 7 days left at school before starting her mat leave. Of course, there is the slightly stressful issue of a house move around then too.

There is some good news: the ophthalmologist was happy with what he got done (1000+ shots) and doesn’t believe there is a need for more surgery before the birth.


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