The Week in Review

On the baby-growing front, last week was another busy one. Hannah had a planned trip to hospital on Monday with an expected overnight stay to have these steroid injections to speed the development of the baby’s lungs. Due to her diabetes, the hospital wanted to admit and monitor her because the steroid can throw her blood sugars off. This proved to be the complicating factor of the trip. To cut a long story short, the course of treatment the maternity ward decided to use was rather too proactive, and rather than stabilising Hannah’s sugars, it continually pushed it up. After 24 hours in hospital Hannah managed to persuade them to stop it, which is good. They were following a protocol and so didn’t want to deviate from it (presumably if they do there are liability issues if things go wrong). Unfortunately it was a protocol for treating someone who was nil by mouth, which Hannah wasn’t. Hannah said she had a good chat with the doctors about it and they said they would change the protocol as a result of her feedback.

She was in hospital for longer than expected. First for an extra overnight stay because the second steroid injection wasn’t until Tuesday morning, and they wanted to monitor her for 24 hours after that; and then after a ruckus with the other consultant (not ours, but Mr Resk), which always seems to happen whenever he sees Hannah. Basically he likes/feels the need to highlight the potential complications of Hannah’s pregnancy and possibly disagrees with Mr Ridley’s softly-softly approach (this is pure conjecture). Regardless, he has now gone off like a bull in a china shop twice. This time it led to more blood tests and a delay to Hannah leaving hospital while the results came back, all okay.

While she was in hospital she had a routine scan for Week 32 (the sixth). As previously mentioned in a prior posting, Barbara went along for this one. Most of the measurements were good, with the fluid level dropping down from its previous high, but the baby’s abdominal circumference is growing faster than the predicted rate, which could indicate that he is growing too fast, a problem common in babies of diabetic mothers.

A result of this stay is that Hannah now has to attend hospital twice a week for blood tests and a CTG trace of the baby (which measures the heart rate over a period of several minutes). The first of these visits was yesterday. Apart from needing five different doctors to successfully extract the blood for the blood tests, and again the possibility of being admitted, it went fine. The chance of being admitted was because her BP was a bit high, around 90.

Also, one of the community midwives popped in at home today to check Hannah’s BP. I’m not sure if this is going to be a regular thing, and they’ll miss her quite a lot this week because this is her last week at school (not before time). We don’t have the planned house move at the end of the week, which is a bit of a blessing because Hannah doesn’t have to worry about that during her evenings. One thing Hannah is not good at is putting her feet up, for example she had a BBQ for her A-level students and French assistants today, though Barbara was over helping out a lot. I hope that she does relax a bit during her mat leave.

Apart from the last week of school, the hospital appointments this week are one of the Mr Ridley on Tuesday (follow-up to last week’s hospital stay) and the now regular blood test and CTG on Thursday. Let’s hope that is all.

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