We had a check-up at the antenatal clinic at the hospital today. This one had been set up by the maternity ward in order for Mr Ridley to provide a care plan for Hannah and the baby between now and the birth. The purpose of this is to help us and members of staff other than Mr Ridley understand how he wants Hannah cared for, otherwise they have to make their own decisions and judgements when they see Hannah. He has dictated that checkups only need to be once a week, and in the antenatal clinic and not the maternity ward. This is good because the ward has a greater predilection to admit Hannah rather than let her go, and are always very bad for her blood pressure.

I was a bit worried about this trip because Hannah’s swelling has got quite bad over the last few days. Mr Ridley didn’t seem too worried by it and said there was nothing that could be done about it. We got a good description of the things to watch for from the midwife, Jean, who has dealt with Hannah a great deal and has been an enormous help. Mr Ridley didn’t feel a need for any CTG traces that the maternity ward had been doing so long as Hannah feels plenty of movement from the baby, and of late there has been plenty of that! She says when the foetal kick count reaches 8 by lunchtime, she doesn’t bother counting anymore (anything less than 10 is a trip to the hospital).

Overall, the outcome is good because Hannah only has to go the hospital once a week and we have some symptoms to keep a watch for.


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