Parentcraft Classes

We finally managed to get along to some government run classes this week, after having missed the last two because Hannah was in hospital. We’ll be less crafty than other parents now.

The class covered the post-natal time so we were introduced to the health visitors, watched a video about breast feeding (‘latching on’, ‘let down’, it has its own technical jingo), and a couple of new parents popped in with their new babies to tell us how great it was and how the memories of labour would disappear from the mothers’ minds. The poor people (the parents, rather than the midwife who was instructing us) got very little audience feedback on their fairly useful tales. Hannah felt moved to ask a question at the end just so they knew we were all alive.

It was a first for us. We haven’t had any instruction yet on what to do when the babe pops out. We’ll have many years to learn, though!


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