School’s Out!

Friday was Hannah’s last day at school. It is amazing that she has stayed at work for so long. When she chose that day as her last, many people (including me) said it was too far into the pregnancy and she should stop work sooner. It is not before time, as she has been really tired over the last week or two because of the baby keeping her awake at night, partly through somersaults and partly because if she lies the wrong way she can’t breathe. She got some lovely presents from school, including some from a couple of pupils, which is nice. She did also have a run-in with one of the members of staff who rather lacks in people skills when requesting other teachers to do duties etc.

We were both quite miserable on Friday evening because I had also had some hefty work related stress, which I shan’t mention in a public place.

The weather is pretty miserable too.

We did get another offer on the house, though. Full asking price, cash offer. We have responded saying that what is important is whoever can complete the quickest. After having been gazundered I don’t really want to engage in gazumping. Both sets of offers are from investors, I think, so there is much less emotion involved, more business sense.

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