Hospital Tour

As if we didn’t know the maternity ward enough, we get to have a tour around it as part of the parentcraft classes. It was useful as we got to see the labour ward, which we haven’t before. Also, Hannah got to drool over Dr Pearson (the anaesthetist we saw earlier in the day) who popped past the assembled class.

The labour ward is really quite small. There are two birthing rooms, one with a large pool for water births (which we saw, the other was ‘in use’ [no screaming]). There is one operating theatre, which we couldn’t go in because it is kept sterile, but we’ll get to know it in the future; and there is a recovery room for ladies post-op. That’s about it. Good to see it and get to know the lay of the land.

The trip round the maternity ward itself was not so useful as we have seen enough of it already. Hannah was most unimpressed with the boyfriend of the youngest mum-to-be (I estimate around 16/17). He kept asking about things like where he could go for a fag, or where he could get dinner if the labour lasted 36 hours. So selfish, the youth of today.


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