No Strangers

When we got back home after the parentcraft classes, Hannah started to have pains in her upper abdomen. She couldn’t decide whether this was heartburn or something else. She weathered it through the night, with some back rubs from me that apparently helped. Hannah is very good at dealing with pain, so when she says it isn’t too bad it is hard for one to say whether that is time to really, really worry. It certainly was quite concerning. By morning she said she was okay, so I went off to work, but left a message with Barbara to warn her that Hannah may call if things changed. Barbara called Hannah back and insisted on taking her into the hospital, so it was back to Hannah’s least favourite place. Barbara stayed with Hannah throughout the day. The hope was that after some blood tests they would let her out. This didn’t happen. The blood tests from yesterday showed raised levels of urates and creatinin, that can be indicators of pre-eclampsia, or kidney problems (not unusual in diabetes). So more bloods were ordered, which led to the usual faff of various medical people stabbing at Hannah to get samples. Once done they went off to the lab, but it wasn’t until after 6pm before the results were back. From those they concluded that the problem was more likely to be kidneys than pre-eclampsia. When I heard this I thought there was hope for Hannah getting out, but no, they wanted to up her blood pressure tablet dose, and monitor the effect of that overnight.

So once again Hannah is spending the night in a hospital bed. Thankfully she got promoted out of the 4 bed ward into a single room. Her companions in the ward were all rather chav-y and spent a lot of time discussing the state of affairs on their estate, with one future mum threatening to beat up her kid if he ever kicked a football. I am sure Hannah and her mum weren’t snobby at all during the day.

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