Week 34 Scan

Yesterday we had our latest scan. It was all good. The baby is now 5lbs 9ozs, which is a good weight as the average gain in the last month is half a pound a week, so a total weight for the 4th July would be a shade over 8lbs. Other measurements were also good, with the growth in his abdomen being much less that at the previous scan, so that measure remains within the normal ranges.

We did get a picture of the baby, but he is now too big to fit nicely into the screen. The print we have has two pictures, one of his face in profile and the other of one of his feet. I still can’t scan it in because we still haven’t replaced the scanner with one that will work with Vista. That’s very low in the priority list.

The time with the consultant was not with Mr Ridley, but Mr Resk, the consultant that Hannah has encountered a couple of times on the ward. In general they haven’t been good. This time he seemed fairly amenable. He did take the opportunity to emphasise the low chance of getting to the 4th July. Apart from that he was happy, even ignoring Hannah’s BP of 150/90.

We also had our chat with one of the anaesthetists. Not the same one as last time, Dr Noble, but Dr Pearson. He was very pleasant and took us through all the risks etc of analgesia, what sort of pain relief options there were and sorted out Hannah’s eating plan for before the op. I get kicked out the theatre should Hannah need a general anaesthetic as I become an obstruction at that stage (not that Dr Pearson used those words).


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