Prison for a View

St Mary’s hospital is just across the road from the three high security prisons on the island, and the hospital is now officially Hannah’s place of incarceration. They will not be letting her out until after the baby is delivered. When the delivery will be remains at the whim of the doctors. They will be making an assessment every other day, unless there is a call for an emergency caesarean. It is hard to say when the delivery will be.

Trying to get Hannah to stop worrying about stuff outside the hospital is tricky. My parents are coming down this weekend, and she keeps saying that this and that need to get bought in. Of course my Mum is not at all worried if there is no food in the house, that can all be dealt with. Hannah is also fussing over the preparation of the baby bag. I guess this is something that all mothers want to do themselves, but unfortunately Hannah will miss out on. She can be let out of hospital for little trips of 4 hours, between BP measurements. Maybe I should bring her home during one of those to make up the bag?

Other than that, we hopefully should take delivery of all the furniture and stuff we ordered on the mainland a month ago. They aren’t being very generous with their delivery so Hannah is grumbling about that.

So it’s limbo time until the doctors make the call.


One Response to “Prison for a View”

  1. Carolyn M Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We’ve been following progress, and I’m sorry that things are turning out like this. Letting Hannah home to pack the bag does sound like a good idea, if it’s possible! love, Carolyn & Keith

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