Day Release

We’ve had a busy weekend. Not one so busy that there is a baby, though .

After some good blood results, an upbeat Mr Resk decided to let Hannah out for full days over the weekend, and this was especially good because my parents have been down visiting this weekend. This meant we could all go for a bit of baby shopping on Saturday, which I think my Mum quite enjoyed. As we were going round Boots, Hannah’s Dad (Jack) phoned to say that he and his family were coming over to visit. This was a bit of a surprise, so we popped back home after having lunch. It was good to see all of them (regular blog readers ). Before they left, Hannah’s friend Paula also dropped in. She had been organising a baby shower for Hannah and hadn’t had a chance to see Hannah since she had gone into hospital. After Jack left, Hannah’s sister, Rachel, arrived. So it was actually a busy afternoon for Hannah.

After all of these visits, my stepdad, Chris, and I constructed the chest of drawers with changing table that Hannah and I had bought in Ikea back at Easter. This wasn’t really meant to be put together in this house, we thought it would be made up in the new house, but the baby is likely to come forward, and the house we know has moved backwards from the original date. Once we had done that, my Mum, Clare, sorted through the baby clothes we have into sizes. This was something Hannah had started to worry about with the potential proximity of there being a baby to clothe, and, of course, worries are not something Hannah needs.

Saturday was a quite tiring day for Hannah, overall, but good for her to be out and about.


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