Sunday was the baby shower day. Paula has organised this and has managed to prevent Hannah learning anything about it, apart from the date and time. This has been one of Hannah’s milestones to keep the baby in for (the next one is tomorrow when she wants to be a ‘live speaker’ for one of her A-level students French listening exam). Clearly Hannah was very excited about the baby shower, mostly for the opportunity to say thanks to a number of people from school, and say goodbye after a rushed last day there, and to see many people at once and celebrate the baby.

I knew where the event was, and the only task I had was to take Hannah and my Mum to the venue. Even through the journey Hannah didn’t know where we were going, and she was very surprised and delighted to find us stopping at the Royal Hotel in Ventnor. This is a very upmarket place, and it was a lovely sunny day too, so it was a wonderful setting. There were many people there.

I know Hannah really enjoyed herself and appreciated everyone’s wishes and kind gifts. I think she was in a bit of a pregnancy daze receiving the presents, judging from what she said about it. When I returned to pick Hannah and my Mum up there were quite a lot of bags to put in the boot of the car!

We had to drop Hannah back at the hospital earlier than yesterday, because the midwives had made the point to Hannah that previous nights had been a bit late. She did take them some cakes from the shower, which were gratefully received. So much so that one of the night staff ran off with them, pursued by another member of staff! They must be very hungry in the hospital .

It was another tiring day for Hannah, and her oedema in her legs was quite bad. So much so that it was sore for her to walk. Some rest was definitely required, and I am sure she will get that for a few days now.


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