Still no baby, and maybe a farther horizon can be seen before he does come along. This was a day for blood samples, and a visit from Mr Ridley. His conclusion at the moment was Hannah could go home if she wished, despite her swollen legs. Hannah has reflected on that offer, but would rather stay in hospital just in case of anything happening while at home alone one day. Also, when she saw her diabetes consultant later, he agreed she should stay in. Nonetheless, it is quite positive that Mr Ridley felt that she could go home, and not return for a routine check until next Tuesday. He was happy with the baby activity, who continues to be a big kicker (he kicked off one of the detectors for the CTG trace on Hannah’s belly the other day!).

Obviously things can change quite quickly, but Hannah has now been in hospital for several days and the baby is still in the best place for him, and that in itself is something to celebrate. Let’s hope it continues.

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