Ticking off the Days

It’s now a week since Hannah went into hospital, and she is still there and the baby is still inside. This is all good news considering that last Friday one of the midwives stopped Hannah mid-breakfast and said not to finish it because it was likely she would be in theatre in an hour! We’ve had assessments on Monday and Wednesday this week (another tomorrow) and the blood results have remained okay and both times there has been no decision to delivery. In fact, if all is good with tomorrow’s tests, then the noises are that Hannah could be left out for the weekend. Hopefully it will be, and then we are well on the way to making 36 weeks on Monday.

Obviously Hannah has put a lot of mental effort into this and she is being really great. I don’t think she is loving her time in hospital, but she certainly isn’t complaining about it and accepts the poking, prodding and stabbing she gets there. I am sure she is being well looked after, especially as she is a model patient.

We had a major consignment of baby goods delivered on Tuesday and now the house is speckled with large brown boxes containing prams, cots and glider chairs. Some won’t get unpacked until after we have moved.

Things have changed on the house front. We’ve lost patience with the original people and swapped to the second offer at the asking price. No sooner had they got the go-ahead and they had the surveyor in. Hopefully this pace will continue and we can quickly get the move back on.


One Response to “Ticking off the Days”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kieron. Mum here, just to show that I have read up on all your entires to date. Hope you are both well and hear from you soon.

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