No Show

As there is an update on the scan, it is obvious that the baby hasn’t been whipped into the waiting world. Tomorrow marks a fortnight of stay in hospital for Hannah. It is not without its frustrations, but she is being well looked after and closely monitored.

They did let her out over the whole weekend, so she got to come home and sleep in her own bed, with her husband. Nice. It also meant she could get some good sleep, away from crying babies and bleeps for midwives waking Hannah up all night. We got a few errands done, such as putting together the nursing, rocking chair and a bit of clearing out of some of Hannah’s work that was stored under the house. We visited Barbara in her new house, and set up Hannah’s computer there. Also, we took the opportunity to eat out, while we still can.

So, it was a pleasant weekend, and one that Hannah really enjoyed. She does get out of the ward every-so-often, such as today going to Marks and Spencer with her Mum, and I took her out for a drink this evening. Nevertheless, she does get a bit stir crazy in there.

Medically, it appears things are fairly stable. Her blood tests show her urates going up and down, but not steadily upwards. Her platelets remain low, but okay. The baby is as active as ever (though he was worryingly quiet on Sunday). He ought to be slowing down now as he gets too big to bounce around. The doctors have put Hannah on a course of anti0thrombosis drugs, as she is in bed a lot. This is apparently standard practice for mothers who are in the ward for some time. Unfortunately, Hannah seems to have reacted to it, and has started itching all over, and now need piriton to help with that. The thing about the itching is that it corresponds to another complication of pregnancy, HELLP syndrome, but the blood counts discount this.

Overall, making 36 weeks is good, very good indeed, and we are both happy to have made it past the dodgy patch just after Hannah went into hospital. Hannah is now really aiming to make 37 weeks, as that is what the doctors call full term, which would mean there would be no need for the baby to stay in the Special Care Baby Unit, other than for observation to wean him off blood sugar. Fingers crossed.


One Response to “No Show”

  1. clare g Says:

    Good to hear that all is well. I did try and phone you both yesterday but you must all have been out and about. Aiming for next week, are we? I had better get knitting this blanket pdq. Nearly done though.

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