Scan 8?

I have no idea how many scans we’ve had now. Anyone else know?

Today was really quick, mostly because Hannah was in situ so we were downstairs (as the clinic is the floor below the maternity ward) nice and early. We were straight in to the scan room and Hannah was on the bed. We had a new sonographer (new to us anyway). I thought we must have been through them all, but obviously not. There wasn’t much for us to see, the baby is just too big to fit on the screen now. It’s odd that now the baby is much more ‘person-like’, that the scans are more indecipherable than they were early on, when the baby was more ‘in development’.

Despite the lack of understanding on our part, the professionals were happy with what they saw. Mr Ridley dropped into the scan, which seemed to be an event in itself. He repeatedly said he was happy, and if he was frowning and there was sawdust coming out his ears, then we should worry. Hannah did seem to want to triply confirm that her BP readings were okay, and he, and several midwives, all said not to worry. Indeed, Hannah seemed to create quite a conference of medical staff, with a consultant, a registrar and two midwives all giving their opinion, and reassurance. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had a sweapstake on the birth day.

Of course, I haven’t mentioned the outcome of the scan, the point of this posting. The growth is all good, though because the baby’s head is right down, the sonographer couldn’t make a head measurement. The other two measurements (abdomen and femur) were both okay. He remains above the absolute average line, but tracking in-line with it. The levels of fluid were good, and Mr Ridley said Hannah was behaving herself. There is no picture from the scan. The sonographer was quite adamant that there was no way of getting anything decent for a piccie. We’ll just have to wait to see him in the flesh!

On return to the ward, one of the midwives made an observation that surprised Hannah, which was that if the baby was getting into position, then maybe he would decide when he was coming out, and Hannah could start in labour. So there is another possible instigator of the birth: the little man himself!

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