Father’s Day

It’s kind of an odd day for me. It is a day when I didn’t want to be a father, I really wanted the baby to still be in his Mum’s tummy (which he was, otherwise I would, of course, have updated the blog), so it would have been more appropriate not being a father, than nearly being one. Weird.

Anyway, Hannah (or the baby, who knows ) had bought me a couple of small presents, which I received when I went to pick Hannah up this morning. Hannah had not managed to get wrapping paper, so she had ingeniously wrapped them in magazines. It was lovely to get something, especially as it is not easy for Hannah to get the opportunity to shop. I’m afraid that if the situations were reversed I would have been much lazier and less loving and not have got any pressies.

As you can tell from lack of updates through the week, not much has changed. I personally have a daily routine of going to work; calling Hannah on the way there to see how the night has been; maybe calling her a couple of times during the day (more if there are blood tests); calling when I am going home to let her know a rough time when I’ll be at the hospital; get a quick dinner; head off to the hospital and spend a couple of hours there and head home again between 10 and 11. It’s not fun, but it’s a lot better than the schedules Hannah has of being drained for blood every other day and enduring daytime TV on the dodgy (and expensive) PatientLine screen.

She was allowed out during the days over this weekend. She was rather upset yesterday when they said she wouldn’t be able to stay out overnight. Still, she says she had a couple of good days out, though we didn’t do a great deal. We had lunch out both days, and went to see Ocean’s Thirteen yesterday. It was quite good, entertaining enough. Hannah felt that Al Pacino wasn’t evil enough as the baddie. I guess this may be the last film we go to as a couple for quite some time. We had thought of subscribing to one of those DVD postal things, which we may do once the baby is here and we have moved.

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