Medical Update

The tail-end of this week has not been a good one for Hannah. She had an eye appointment on Thursday, and generally the news from that was not good. The pregnancy has quite badly affected the back of her eye, and she will need a couple of laser operations in the weeks after the birth. This did quite upset Hannah. Hopefully, most of the problems are reversible and will go away after the baby is born.

Over the last two days, Hannah’s BP has been rising, and her methyldopa (BP tablets) dosage has been increased. The rising BP is an indicator that Hannah’s body is giving signs that it has had enough, and the time is right for the baby. It’s a bit of a vicious circle: Hannah’s BP goes up, she gets stressed about having raised BP, so her next reading is a little higher. There is one potential cure: when she had a reading taken this evening while I was massaging her feet, it was acceptably low.

We were also sorting out the baby things in her room this evening, and Hannah thought that the baby vests were far too small for a baby with nappy, so we ‘test drove’ a nappy inside one, and it was plenty big enough. While popping the nappy inside, I did wonder if it would be that easy changing the baby. Doubt it.

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